Anti Aging Conference

Anti Aging Conference

Anti-aging conference offers latest developments in emerging field

Medical professionals interested in honing their skills in life extension science have several options for professional development, including attending an anti-aging conference, workshop or symposium.

The latest and greatest in anti-aging medicine will be front and center as a variety of organizations offer the possibility of attending an anti-aging conference, fellowship or symposium.

Anti Aging Conference

Topics at an anti-aging conference may include metabolic approaches to brain fitness; hormone optimization; a U.S. skin cancer course; or an integrative cancer therapy module. Another anti-aging conference may concentrate on metabolic code training in five triads, including adrenals-thyroid-pancreas; liver-lymph kidney; and estrogen-progesterone-testosterone. Participants in such an anti-aging conference would learn about the interrelationships of these systems.

Medical professionals who are comfortable with their knowledge of regenerative medicine may be able to take certification exams at an anti-aging conference.

Intended for medical professionals, including physicians, nutritionists and pharmacists, an anti-aging conference specializing in medicine and biomedical technologies would help keep knowledge and skills in this emerging and fast-changing field up to date. An anti-aging conference allows practitioners to discover the latest best practices from world-renowned speakers, delivering peer-reviewed papers.

Sometimes, an anti-aging conference is developed specifically for dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This type of anti-aging conference may feature several speakers addressing various aspects of the growing field of "cosmeceuticals," cosmetics developed by pharmaceutical companies.

Such an anti-aging conference may feature industry leaders speaking on topics, such as "The Aging Face, What's Really Happening and How Can We Fix It with Anti-Aging Skin Care" and "Current Approaches to Facial Rejuvenation in Ethnic Skin."

The anti-aging conference typically features an exposition showcasing the latest innovations in anti-aging products and services; networking opportunities; and educational exchange.

For those outside the U.S. or for those seeking an anti-aging conference in an international setting, some professional development opportunities are offered abroad in Thailand, Dubai, Mexico and Germany.

Pricing varies according to the event and the types of workshops, courses, exams and events for which participants sign up.